Sunday, June 8, 2014

My mother was a Catholic Bastard who escaped the 'Septic Tank'.

According to the Catholic Church and the 'society' which it created in order to spread their gobbledegook among the intellectual cripples of Ireland, my 'illegitimate' mother and her mother were just pieces of shit.
My mother, born in the 1920's, was fucked into an orphanage while her mother had to go to England.
I passed by the local  Easily-led Saloon/Catholic Church today where the people, who constitute the society which allowed this crime to happen over decades, were inside praying while their vehicles were illegally parked on the footpath/sidewalk hindering the passage of decent people.               

We're a nation of god-fearing gobshites...
Merely human waste to be disposed of
We easily settle for any sort of shite from our 'masters'.
'Sinners' denied pain killers
How low can the Catholic Church go?