Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pope Benedick visits the UK...BIG FUCKING DEAL!

Pope Benedict XVI (Ratzo) smiling like a fox eating shit out of a wire brush.

It's hard to believe that, in this day of 'information in your face', that there are still humans with brain cells believing the crap that Ratzo is peddling.
I know that it's too late now but, is there nobody who can take this unfortunate individual to one side and persuade him to go back into the asylum, put him on his back under the roof of the Sistine Chapel - for which work Michelangelo and his pals were paid huge sums of money while the poor starved - where he can admire 'gods' work' until he quietly 'excuses' himself from the gene pool?
Has there not been enough conflict between Catholic and Protestant in these islands without Ratzo coming to add petrol to the flames?
He's going to pontificate around Britain waving to Protestants who don't know why they are Protestant and to Catholics who don't know why they are Catholic. The only thing they know is that the other 'side' is wrong. Of course, it would never occur to either side that, as long as each individual has to sit on the toilet bowl every morning/day and have a shit is that there IS no difference. When the day comes when some person experiences the redundancy of their rectal orifice, they will be in a great position to talk about 'god' as they will have become extremely special.
In the meantime, those of us who don't suffer from religion will have to continue dealing with reality.
As long as this world has people in it who lap up the 'spewings' of such clerics as Ratzo, peace will forever be a dream.