Friday, January 22, 2010

Pope 'visibly upset'...BOLLOCKS!

Pope Benedict (Ratzo) is to meet Irish bishops...for fucking what?
Wasn't it Ratzo who told them to keep their mouths shut if any instance of priests carrying out acts of paedophilia on children were reported?
What's he going to say to them? Well done lads?
This is just another exercise in fooling the Catholic Church's gullible followers into thinking that they - the bishops - DIDN'T KNOW.
The BBC News reports that Ratzo was 'visibly upset' when told of the extent of Catholic child sex abuse. He must be a great actor because he HAD to know that this filth is going on in every Catholic diocese in the WORLD. After all...HE gave the orders.
How many of the bishops attending this meeting were, themselves, child abusers when they were priests? How many are still doing it?
Do the inept supporters of this filthy religion actually believe that if a paedophile priest becomes a bishop that he loses interest in children?
Where are all the Human Rights do-gooders? Be jasus, if there's a terrorist locked up in some prison who doesn't have a television set to amuse himself Amnesty International are up in arms immediately.
The head of an organization who actively organized the rape of thousands of children doesn't attract their attention at all.