Sunday, January 3, 2010

Blasphemy Laws: What next? The Taliban?

Is our government trying to compete with Iran with their new Blasphemy Laws which came into force on Jan 1 2010?

The representatives of the Vatican must have taken 'precious' time off from desperately trying to pretend that they weren't covering up child sex abuse when they went to lobby our inept Justice Minister Dermot Ahern to get him to introduce blasphemy laws in Ireland in the 21st century.
Of course, they would have been aided and abetted by their god fearing supporters who will do anything to prevent reality being thrust in their faces in the same way that ordinary non-afflicted people have had to endure the stupidity of religion being thrust upon them.
Apart from people like me running the risk of being 'shut down' by the 'Taliban', these laws could result in any criticism of the Catholic Church being construed as blasphemy and, therefore, make it easier still to cover up clerical child abuse.
Mr Ahern and his government of the elite would serve the country better if he made it illegal for religious groups to peddle their misery and, particularly, the coercion of parents into indoctrinating their children in a sort of codswallop from which it will take them years to be cured.
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