Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Bible...the source of much of the worlds' misery

"Now it is children’s time. Dozens of bright young girls and boys gather in a gaggle in front of the chancel to hear a Bible story. Today it is about the beheading of John the Baptist. Once the story is told there is usually an oral test to see who has been listening."

The above comes from a website called Suffer the Little Children . Apparently they are hooked up with the Ministry of Hope which is a charity organization in Malawi where AIDS has devastated the population leaving thousands of children orphaned.
While any effort to make the lives of the disadvantaged on this planet are to be lauded, it is highly regrettable that such charities are run by 'christians' who see easy pickings in dazzling the impressionable and destitute with tales of violence, fire and brimstone and other crap.
Would these charities not do far more good by educating the children to the point where they won't be so easily taken in by crooked politicians who are responsible for their predicament in the first place.
AIDS is not the 'serious' disease that it was when it was first discovered. There are methods and medicines available right now in 2010 which can cut the death rate from the disease significantly.
Why are these medicines not freely available? Because the pharmaceutical companies, mostly run by christians, who make the drugs don't see any profit in providing them to the the people of poor countries like Malawi.
I believe that teaching the children these facts would equip them, later in life, to better understand how they might force their politicians to seriously address the problem.
And, if you are suffering from AIDS, John the Baptist, with his head missing, won't be worth a fuck!