Friday, January 29, 2010

€100,000 for a kitchen for Archbishop Diarmuid Martin

Vatican clown Archbishop Diarmuid Martin

This clown was asking our arsehole government 'to develop a robust national poverty strategy' while spending €500,000 on his stupid palace in Bertie Ahern's fiefdom (constituency) of Drumcondra in Dublin. €100,000 alone was spent on a Miele kitchen because 'god's little corporal' likes to cook for himself and his fellow paedophile protectors.
It's easy for these aristocrats of the Catholic Church to come out and tell the rest of us how important it is to look after the poor of this world while living in the lap of luxury themselves and, furthermore, much of their luxury comes from the sweat of the disadvantaged in underdeveloped countries across the world who work for practically nothing and who donate some of their meager earnings to the church every Sunday.

Our former Prime Minister Bertie Ahern was a frequent visitor to this den of hypocrisy when he wasn't busy fiddling the state and helping his friends do the same.