Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pope Benedick visits the UK...BIG FUCKING DEAL!

Pope Benedict XVI (Ratzo) smiling like a fox eating shit out of a wire brush.

It's hard to believe that, in this day of 'information in your face', that there are still humans with brain cells believing the crap that Ratzo is peddling.
I know that it's too late now but, is there nobody who can take this unfortunate individual to one side and persuade him to go back into the asylum, put him on his back under the roof of the Sistine Chapel - for which work Michelangelo and his pals were paid huge sums of money while the poor starved - where he can admire 'gods' work' until he quietly 'excuses' himself from the gene pool?
Has there not been enough conflict between Catholic and Protestant in these islands without Ratzo coming to add petrol to the flames?
He's going to pontificate around Britain waving to Protestants who don't know why they are Protestant and to Catholics who don't know why they are Catholic. The only thing they know is that the other 'side' is wrong. Of course, it would never occur to either side that, as long as each individual has to sit on the toilet bowl every morning/day and have a shit is that there IS no difference. When the day comes when some person experiences the redundancy of their rectal orifice, they will be in a great position to talk about 'god' as they will have become extremely special.
In the meantime, those of us who don't suffer from religion will have to continue dealing with reality.
As long as this world has people in it who lap up the 'spewings' of such clerics as Ratzo, peace will forever be a dream.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Priest caught buggering the child next door

Here's a lovely little Catholic story.
I, as a non-believer, am wondering where was this great god that christians talk about when a child was being buggered by a dirty rotten Vatican priest.
According to the 'believers', god orchestrates everything on the planet and other planets which the god-fearing never even heard of. So he orchestrated the buggering of a child...WHY?
Let's all go down to the river to pray!
You can hear the whole story HERE

Sunday, January 31, 2010

A little god joke

A man is stuck on the roof of his house, and the level of the flood water is rapidly rising. The man is praying to god to help him, to save him from a watery death. By the time the water level reaches the bottom edge of the roof, another man in a rowboat rows up and says “get in! I can take us to higher ground!”. But the man refuses, saying that god will save him. By the time the water is halfway up the roof, a motorboat comes up and the pilot says “get in! I can take you to safety!”. But again, the man refuses, stating that god will save him. Finally, the water is up to his waist when a helicopter hovers over him. A man in the helicopter says “get in! We can fly you to higher ground!”. But the man refuses, assuring god will save his life. The flood waters rise, and the man dies. When he is in heaven, he goes to god and asks “Why didn’t you save me? I prayed and I prayed, but you didn’t save me,” to which god replies “I sent two boats and a fucking helicopter."

Richard Dawkins advocates militant atheism

Question: Who would you trust to properly educate your child, a Catholic priest or a non-believer?

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Amish: Simple living, plain dress and 'ordinary' child abuse

The god-fearing Amish suffer from the same disease as the Irish Catholic Church. When they are confronted with child sex abuse in their community they bury their heads up their own arse.
At least in the USA there is a will and a mechanism to charge those who cover up this dastardly crime as four Amish bishops have been charged.
It appears that the more austere and deep rooted the religion, the more denial becomes a factor when child sex abuse is discovered.
Johnny A. Schwartz from Webster County Missouri was abusing his daughters for years with the full knowledge of his wife with the unfortunate name of Fannie. If I understand correctly, he got 20 years. If he was convicted in Ireland he would have got 4 or 5 years.
With a bit of luck he will exit from prison in a pine box.

€100,000 for a kitchen for Archbishop Diarmuid Martin

Vatican clown Archbishop Diarmuid Martin

This clown was asking our arsehole government 'to develop a robust national poverty strategy' while spending €500,000 on his stupid palace in Bertie Ahern's fiefdom (constituency) of Drumcondra in Dublin. €100,000 alone was spent on a Miele kitchen because 'god's little corporal' likes to cook for himself and his fellow paedophile protectors.
It's easy for these aristocrats of the Catholic Church to come out and tell the rest of us how important it is to look after the poor of this world while living in the lap of luxury themselves and, furthermore, much of their luxury comes from the sweat of the disadvantaged in underdeveloped countries across the world who work for practically nothing and who donate some of their meager earnings to the church every Sunday.

Our former Prime Minister Bertie Ahern was a frequent visitor to this den of hypocrisy when he wasn't busy fiddling the state and helping his friends do the same.

Irish Catholic Church exported it's filth to the United States

Father Brendan Smyth was one of Ireland's most infamous child abusing priests. And, make no mistake, the authorities - both church and state - knew of his activities for decades.

Remember...none of this could have taken place without the gullibility of the 'god-fearing brigade'.
The dirty rotten Catholic Church in the USA has admitted that 70 Irish priests who 'worked' there had been accused of sex crimes against children. You can be certain that at least some of these paedophiles were deliberately sent there by our 'pious' bishops in order to get them out of the way.
This means that the Irish State were complicit in 'transporting' known child molesters to another country because, for decades, our government knew what was going on and did nothing.
If this could be proved, I would love to see some of the foreign victims taking the people responsible to the cleaners.

law suite

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ireland: Still a great place to be a paedophile or rapist

While 4 years is a ridiculous sentence for the sexual abuse of at least 9 little girls, what's even harder to understand is how a paedophile could operate for 20 years without being noticed.
Edwin Curry pleaded guilty to a number of charges but denied 189 more and will be out on the street in 3 years.
This just indicates that in Catholic Ireland the sexual abuse of children is only seen as a half serious misdemeanor.
For 20 years or more this jerk had to be seen hanging about with children and it only became an issue in the last few years.
Is it any wonder that 'god's little helpers' were able to get away with it for so long?

The trouble with Irish people is that, when confronted with anything

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sinn Fein covering up child sex abuse

More hypocrisy from our great 'saviours'.
Below is the reaction of the Vice President of Sinn Fein Mary Lou McDonald to the recent Murphy Report on Catholic child sex abuse. While she was making this statement the President of Sinn Fein Gerry Adams was actively covering up child sex abuse in his own family.

“The report on clerical sexual abuse of children in Dublin exposes how the most powerful men in the Catholic Church in the Dublin Diocese conspired to protect abusers of children. It was a gross betrayal of generations of children.

“It is especially damning that the State authorities facilitated the cover-up and allowed the Church to be beyond the reach of the law. Senior Gardai, up to and including the level of Commissioner, repeatedly turned a blind eye to crimes of clerical sexual abuse.

“Anyone, including GardaĆ­, found to be complicit in the cover up of child abuse must be arrested and made to face the full rigours of the law.

“The Government must take immediate action in response to the Report’s finding that the legislation governing the role of the HSE in dealing with child sexual abuse is inadequate.

“Like the Ryan Report, this report must prompt the Government to act urgently to protect vulnerable children today. Another recent report led to the closure of the facility at Ballydowd. It exposes serious deficits in standards aimed at safeguarding vulnerable children.

“Sadly child abuse is not a thing of the past and is continuing today and, to the shame of successive Governments in this state our child protection services are a disgrace. The HSE knows of cases where children are in grave danger but the services are not in place to make the interventions required.

“If the State does not put in place the services for the protection of children then it will be just as culpable as it was in the past when it facilitated the cover up of child sex abuse.”

Horror of Catholic child sex abuse

This slideshow comes from the website of Damien Mulley

Friday, January 22, 2010

Pope 'visibly upset'...BOLLOCKS!

Pope Benedict (Ratzo) is to meet Irish bishops...for fucking what?
Wasn't it Ratzo who told them to keep their mouths shut if any instance of priests carrying out acts of paedophilia on children were reported?
What's he going to say to them? Well done lads?
This is just another exercise in fooling the Catholic Church's gullible followers into thinking that they - the bishops - DIDN'T KNOW.
The BBC News reports that Ratzo was 'visibly upset' when told of the extent of Catholic child sex abuse. He must be a great actor because he HAD to know that this filth is going on in every Catholic diocese in the WORLD. After all...HE gave the orders.
How many of the bishops attending this meeting were, themselves, child abusers when they were priests? How many are still doing it?
Do the inept supporters of this filthy religion actually believe that if a paedophile priest becomes a bishop that he loses interest in children?
Where are all the Human Rights do-gooders? Be jasus, if there's a terrorist locked up in some prison who doesn't have a television set to amuse himself Amnesty International are up in arms immediately.
The head of an organization who actively organized the rape of thousands of children doesn't attract their attention at all.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just another little Irish House of Horrors

185 counts of raping his daughters

A 48 yr old father from Galway has been charged , in Athenry District Court, with the rapes of three of his daughters over a 17 year time span. His wife is also in custody awaiting charges...I presume.
I hope, during his trial, that he will have the sense to get a reference from the local priest. Better still, get a reference from Bishop Drennan

Monday, January 11, 2010

Ireland is a haven for child abusers

Cynthia Owen was 11 years old and pregnant. She eventually gave birth in the squalid house in which she lived and then had to watch as her mother stabbed the baby to death. That was in 1973.
Cynthia is a middle aged woman now and has just produced a book called 'Living with Evil.
While being interviewed by Ryan Tubridy on the Late Late Show she told of being abused by her father when she was about 7 or 8. When she was a couple of years older her mother used to take her, every month, to a certain location where she would be drugged before being abused by a paedophile ring of about 13 individuals who paid for the 'privilege'.
After nearly 40 years, Cynthia says that, of the 13, 8 are still alive.
To give an indication of how serious Irish society takes this brutal crime, NOT ONE of these perverts has ever been brought to trial.
Because we were conditioned by the Catholic Church to deny the existence of anything pertaining to sexuality, it led the victims to believe that only they were unfortunate enough to have been fitted with a set of genitals and were thereby somewhat 'dirty'. The result of this indoctrination was that 'believers' were reluctant to speak out even if they came across something 'suspicious'. I remember a time in Ireland when, if you talked about sex, the people to whom you were speaking would get very uncomfortable.
Is it any wonder that the 'lovely little priests' got away with it for so long?
Links to this story:
Inquest into baby's death
RTE report on the Inquest Verdict
Sister commits suicide
Dalkey house of horrors
Grandfather in Dalkey baby tragedy dies

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Bible...the source of much of the worlds' misery

"Now it is children’s time. Dozens of bright young girls and boys gather in a gaggle in front of the chancel to hear a Bible story. Today it is about the beheading of John the Baptist. Once the story is told there is usually an oral test to see who has been listening."

The above comes from a website called Suffer the Little Children . Apparently they are hooked up with the Ministry of Hope which is a charity organization in Malawi where AIDS has devastated the population leaving thousands of children orphaned.
While any effort to make the lives of the disadvantaged on this planet are to be lauded, it is highly regrettable that such charities are run by 'christians' who see easy pickings in dazzling the impressionable and destitute with tales of violence, fire and brimstone and other crap.
Would these charities not do far more good by educating the children to the point where they won't be so easily taken in by crooked politicians who are responsible for their predicament in the first place.
AIDS is not the 'serious' disease that it was when it was first discovered. There are methods and medicines available right now in 2010 which can cut the death rate from the disease significantly.
Why are these medicines not freely available? Because the pharmaceutical companies, mostly run by christians, who make the drugs don't see any profit in providing them to the the people of poor countries like Malawi.
I believe that teaching the children these facts would equip them, later in life, to better understand how they might force their politicians to seriously address the problem.
And, if you are suffering from AIDS, John the Baptist, with his head missing, won't be worth a fuck!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Blasphemy Laws: What next? The Taliban?

Is our government trying to compete with Iran with their new Blasphemy Laws which came into force on Jan 1 2010?

The representatives of the Vatican must have taken 'precious' time off from desperately trying to pretend that they weren't covering up child sex abuse when they went to lobby our inept Justice Minister Dermot Ahern to get him to introduce blasphemy laws in Ireland in the 21st century.
Of course, they would have been aided and abetted by their god fearing supporters who will do anything to prevent reality being thrust in their faces in the same way that ordinary non-afflicted people have had to endure the stupidity of religion being thrust upon them.
Apart from people like me running the risk of being 'shut down' by the 'Taliban', these laws could result in any criticism of the Catholic Church being construed as blasphemy and, therefore, make it easier still to cover up clerical child abuse.
Mr Ahern and his government of the elite would serve the country better if he made it illegal for religious groups to peddle their misery and, particularly, the coercion of parents into indoctrinating their children in a sort of codswallop from which it will take them years to be cured.
Dermot Ahern 'bemused' by criticism
Atheists campaign against blasphemy law
Campaign for a Secular Irish Constitution
'President or Pope first' was a protocol poser
Challenge to 'backward' blasphemy law
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The culture of deference has been our national disease