Friday, December 18, 2009

What about the 'ELEPHANT' in the Irish parliament?

For evil to succeed, all it needs are politicians who do nothing.

It's not the exact quotation but, nevertheless, senior Irish politicians knew for decades what was going on in the Irish Catholic Church with regard to paedophile priests. Most of these senior politicians have had their stupid arses on seats in our parliament for those decades and not one of them has had the backbone to stand up and, at least, castigate the Catholic Church for allowing the carnage to continue unabated.
We know that, at least, one of these politicians sent word 'down the line' to smother the investigation into the murder of Bernadette Connolly .
We know that Bertie Ahern knew that the Catholic Church was covering up the sexual abuse of children.
The present clamor for the resignation of bishops is just a smokescreen for the fact that our government were also 'in on the act'.
These arseholes should also be rooted out and asked to account for themselves.
The job of our elected politicians is to do what's right for the good of the country. Not to do what's right in order for them to retain their seats at all costs.
Anyone who, knowingly did nothing when they knew that children were being abused, in effect, supported that abuse.
The whole dirty mess should be taken to the Hague - the Court of Human Rights - where the politicians and the hierarchy of the Catholic Church should be asked to explain why they all colluded together to cover up the terror that was inflicted on Ireland's innocent children.