Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Vatican 'shocked' & 'dismayed'...BOLLOCKS!!!

A group of red-hatted cardinals straining to see the pope on his stupid little throne and, not a hungry child in sight.

There was a time in Ireland when the connotation Cardinal,Bishop,Pope, Priest etc commanded respect because we were so ignorant that we thought that these people were all-knowing and had all the answers. Now, those of us who have acquainted ourselves with the bigger picture know that the whole gamut has been one enormous and sustained scam that some sections of the human race perpetrate on other sections purely to sustain the 'ring leaders' in positions of power and wealth.
We now know that 'Ratzo's entourage' are nothing but a propaganda machine - one of the best in the world - who, now and again, come out of their opulent surroundings to make idiotic bulls and epistles which are swallowed without question by gullible 'parishioners' all over the world.
Prancing about in their clerical garbs at their pathetic little ceremonies they look like an up-market version of a Cinderella type Christmas pantomime.
The little men with their white little hands in the Vatican must now realize that the lid is coming off the 'great con' in Ireland because today Archbishop Giuseppe Leanza - Ratzo's spin doctor - came out to face the 'panting' media to say the Vatican was shocked and dismayed at the revelations of the Murphy Report .
For decades, anyone in Ireland with a handful of brain cells who listened to the news or read the papers KNEW what was going on in the Catholic Church with regard to their covering up of priests abusing children.
Be jasus, if I was 'shocked and dismayed', it would happen immediately. Not decades down the road.