Wednesday, December 30, 2009

'Republican Heroes' cover up Child Sex Abuse

Terrorist Gerry Adams. But, it was all right...he was our terrorist!

The dysfunctional Adams Family
Gerry Adams and his gang of terrorists have covered up the fact that his father sexually abused his children and, his brother continued the 'republican' tradition by abusing his daughter. Was/is there more?
According to Adams it was around 22 years ago when he 'first' became aware of this 'skeleton'.
What did he do? Apart from hoping the problem would disappear, he did very little.
His brother's daughter recently made more attempts to have her father brought to justice but Liam Adams absconded and sought 'shelter' in that great haven for paedophiles called the Irish Republic.
After appeals from Gerry, Liam handed himself in to a Garda/Police Station in the Republic whereby he was shown the door as there was no mechanism in place to arrest or question him because a European Warrant wasn't in place.
Is it any wonder that the Vatican has gotten away with child sex abuse in Ireland for centuries?