Friday, December 25, 2009

Pope attacked in Vatican

While I get no pleasure from seeing a decrepit old man thrown to the ground, it really annoys me to read media reports of the incident where the woman attacker is described as some sort of 'mental case'.
A group of old men shuffling about carrying iconic 'bling' while the so-called faithful kneel, grovel and supplicate while fiddling with a bunch of balls on little chains vainly hoping that there is no such thing as real death and, after using travel expenses that would keep a poor family in Africa or some other 'god-forsaken' part of the world in food for a year not to mind pretending that paedophile priests are a figment of victim's imaginations and, having midnight mass at 9 o'clock...
It's a bit rich that these people feel that they are in a position to spot a lunatic.