Sunday, December 6, 2009

Poor Bishop Donal Murray: He's just the head of a dirty, rotten boil

All dressed up like a 'dog's dinner' as if he knew something that the rest can't figure out...His Excellency Most Reverend Dr Giuseppe Leanza who is the Papal Ambassador in Ireland. I think that the arse is rapidly falling out of the 'Excellency' bit.

The bishop of Limerick Donal Murray has found himself the lead scapegoat in the wake of the Murphy Report into a child sex abuse 'factory' which was organized by the Catholic Church in Ireland for decades, if not centuries.
An indication of how this rotten organization still hasn't properly admitted to it's crimes is the fact that there is not a mention of the 'controversy', which is raging through every media organization in Ireland, on the Limerick diocese website .
Today, again, Murray and his accomplices asked their gullible supporters to PRAY that they would all come to the right decision.
Sure, if prayer is such a potent force, why don't we let all rapists and murderers out of jail and PRAY that everything will be hunkydory!
And, having they all been praying for the hungry children of the world for as long as I can remember. Be jasus, a child would have to eat some dose of prayer before their little stomachs would be full!