Sunday, December 13, 2009

Letterfrack: The 'Auschwitz' of Connemara

A hellhole operated by the Irish Catholic Church and their 'satellite' The Irish 'Free' State.

Letterfrack was an institution for Irish children who were homeless or from dysfunctional families or who were born 'on the wrong side of matrimony' or who were sent on the whim of some Local Authority Official because they didn't fit anywhere else.
It was presented as a State-run Industrial School but, in reality, was run by the Catholic Church with the state having little say.
The sorry episode of Letterfrack is yet another example of how the 'fear factor' was employed by the Vatican to the extent that, even if ordinary people knew what transpired in this miserable place, no one would have spoken out because it was the all-powerful clergy who were in charge.
I could go into a load of gory detail here but, I'll leave it to the report of the Child Abuse Commission who weren't afraid of the 'Roman Soldiers' from the Vatican.
Child Abuse Commission homepage