Saturday, December 12, 2009

How many murders has the Vatican covered up?

The author Dan Brown made a fortune from the Da Vinci Code in which he concocted tales of Vatican criminality, intrigue and murder.
It now appears that the Irish Catholic Church, the Irish Police/Gardai/Irish State and the Vatican conspired together to cover up the murder of a beautiful little 10 year old girl on a lonely country road in County Sligo in 1970. Some months after her murder her little body was discovered dumped in a Sligo bog...a long long way from the opulence of the the Vatican City. Only the investigators of Barnadette Connolly's murder would have known of this connection because, just when they were homing in on the main suspect, word came down from 'above' telling them to lay off.
The suspect priest was 'moved' to somewhere in Africa during the investigation and died - far too late- in 2001.
One can't help wondering, if it was so easy to get away with such a crime in Ireland in 1970, how many children could have been raped/murdered and dumped in the African bush by Vatican lunatics.
To progress the 'theory' further: How many children's bodies all over the world down through centuries have been similarly dumped by the 'pie in the sky salesmen' from the Vatican which sent out the message..."Keep your mouth shut and it will be sorted".
I know that there those out there who think that, just like the bible, I'm making this up as I go along to suit the occasion. Well, all I can say to those people is: Reality is a bastard but,some of us have to deal with it.
When you think of all the saints who were 'created' by the Catholic Church over centuries - many of whom were persecuted for their 'faith' - what about creating a real saint of someone who was murdered by the Catholic Church?
I'd like to see the expressions on the faces of 'frail' little cardinals when that request comes in. Of course, it never will.
Now, isn't that a lovely little story for the 'faithful' to consider as they genuflect before one of the Vatican's alters somewhere in Ireland tomorrow!
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