Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cardinal Daly dead...I'm devastated!

Cardinal Cahal Daly. All dressed up only to end up like the rest of us...dead.
It's important to realize that the Catholic Church is not just a religion. First and foremost, it's a very successful business.

After decades - at least - of covering up Catholic child sex abuse, Cardinal Cahal Daly finally snuffed it today. The report of his death on RTE News said that he was a 'foremost theologian'.
I looked up Theology and found that it was the study of god and all the trimmings that go along with the ludicrous concept.
To those of us who have studied the bigger picture, this man's 'talent' was studying thin air.
The report also said that he was 'most trenchant critic of politically-inspired violence'...a reference to the 'troubles' in Northern Ireland.
I remember being 'taught' in a Catholic school back in the early 50's that it was virtuous to fight the British because they were all Protestants and spent a good deal of their time trying to stop us Catholics from praying and, that if you died for your religion and country, you were 'a cert' to get into heaven. Particularly, if you happened to be torn apart with your entrails hanging out and blood all over the floor in the process. The more butchery that was involved, the more likely you would be to be 'elevated' to sainthood. Good deal or what?
Make no mistake, this 'disciple' of god knew all about the Vatican's Criminales Solicitaciones which advised that any child sex abuse by priests was to be covered up.
This 'cover-up' just didn't apply to Ireland. It applied to the whole catholic world which meant that THOUSANDS of children had to suffer in silence as a result.
For the next couple of days we will be treated to news coverage of the sickening eulogizing of a criminal.

The bigger picture