Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cardinal Daly dead...I'm devastated!

Cardinal Cahal Daly. All dressed up only to end up like the rest of us...dead.
It's important to realize that the Catholic Church is not just a religion. First and foremost, it's a very successful business.

After decades - at least - of covering up Catholic child sex abuse, Cardinal Cahal Daly finally snuffed it today. The report of his death on RTE News said that he was a 'foremost theologian'.
I looked up Theology and found that it was the study of god and all the trimmings that go along with the ludicrous concept.
To those of us who have studied the bigger picture, this man's 'talent' was studying thin air.
The report also said that he was 'most trenchant critic of politically-inspired violence'...a reference to the 'troubles' in Northern Ireland.
I remember being 'taught' in a Catholic school back in the early 50's that it was virtuous to fight the British because they were all Protestants and spent a good deal of their time trying to stop us Catholics from praying and, that if you died for your religion and country, you were 'a cert' to get into heaven. Particularly, if you happened to be torn apart with your entrails hanging out and blood all over the floor in the process. The more butchery that was involved, the more likely you would be to be 'elevated' to sainthood. Good deal or what?
Make no mistake, this 'disciple' of god knew all about the Vatican's Criminales Solicitaciones which advised that any child sex abuse by priests was to be covered up.
This 'cover-up' just didn't apply to Ireland. It applied to the whole catholic world which meant that THOUSANDS of children had to suffer in silence as a result.
For the next couple of days we will be treated to news coverage of the sickening eulogizing of a criminal.

The bigger picture

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

'Republican Heroes' cover up Child Sex Abuse

Terrorist Gerry Adams. But, it was all right...he was our terrorist!

The dysfunctional Adams Family
Gerry Adams and his gang of terrorists have covered up the fact that his father sexually abused his children and, his brother continued the 'republican' tradition by abusing his daughter. Was/is there more?
According to Adams it was around 22 years ago when he 'first' became aware of this 'skeleton'.
What did he do? Apart from hoping the problem would disappear, he did very little.
His brother's daughter recently made more attempts to have her father brought to justice but Liam Adams absconded and sought 'shelter' in that great haven for paedophiles called the Irish Republic.
After appeals from Gerry, Liam handed himself in to a Garda/Police Station in the Republic whereby he was shown the door as there was no mechanism in place to arrest or question him because a European Warrant wasn't in place.
Is it any wonder that the Vatican has gotten away with child sex abuse in Ireland for centuries?

Friday, December 25, 2009

Pope attacked in Vatican

While I get no pleasure from seeing a decrepit old man thrown to the ground, it really annoys me to read media reports of the incident where the woman attacker is described as some sort of 'mental case'.
A group of old men shuffling about carrying iconic 'bling' while the so-called faithful kneel, grovel and supplicate while fiddling with a bunch of balls on little chains vainly hoping that there is no such thing as real death and, after using travel expenses that would keep a poor family in Africa or some other 'god-forsaken' part of the world in food for a year not to mind pretending that paedophile priests are a figment of victim's imaginations and, having midnight mass at 9 o'clock...
It's a bit rich that these people feel that they are in a position to spot a lunatic.

Friday, December 18, 2009

A 'childhood' of terror at behest of the Irish Catholic Church

Want to know about the Catholic Religion? Ask Christina Buckley.
I can't wait for Christmas so that I can celebrate the birth of the 'putrefaction' who started all this misery.
It appears to me that, the more potent the message of religion, the more misery we have to endure.
Is life not tough enough without having to embrace the Vatican's message that, the more miserable your life is, the nearer you are to 'god' while the old men who broadcast this message 'recline' in opulence in their richly decorated surroundings never having to deal with 'making ends meet'.
These guys thrive on the mental sickness of their dubious supporters. AMEN!!!

What about the 'ELEPHANT' in the Irish parliament?

For evil to succeed, all it needs are politicians who do nothing.

It's not the exact quotation but, nevertheless, senior Irish politicians knew for decades what was going on in the Irish Catholic Church with regard to paedophile priests. Most of these senior politicians have had their stupid arses on seats in our parliament for those decades and not one of them has had the backbone to stand up and, at least, castigate the Catholic Church for allowing the carnage to continue unabated.
We know that, at least, one of these politicians sent word 'down the line' to smother the investigation into the murder of Bernadette Connolly .
We know that Bertie Ahern knew that the Catholic Church was covering up the sexual abuse of children.
The present clamor for the resignation of bishops is just a smokescreen for the fact that our government were also 'in on the act'.
These arseholes should also be rooted out and asked to account for themselves.
The job of our elected politicians is to do what's right for the good of the country. Not to do what's right in order for them to retain their seats at all costs.
Anyone who, knowingly did nothing when they knew that children were being abused, in effect, supported that abuse.
The whole dirty mess should be taken to the Hague - the Court of Human Rights - where the politicians and the hierarchy of the Catholic Church should be asked to explain why they all colluded together to cover up the terror that was inflicted on Ireland's innocent children.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bishop Donal Murray resigns: Big FUCKING DEAL!!!

The bottom line:
This 'area' Sales Rep for gobbledegook, Bishop Donal Murray, didn't give a shit about children being sexually abused by his 'little priests' as long as HE and his stupid church could continue to rule Ireland.

This is the man who set up a virtual inquisition when Peter McCloskey complained of being abused by a priest.
Instead of receiving a sympathetic reception Murray set his legal bulldogs on poor Peter threatening him with the equivalent of 'fire and brimstone' if he didn't shut up.
Peter committed suicide shortly after.
During all the media coverage of Murray's resignation and the Catholic Church's childish apologies, not one reporter asked the relevant question...How come, in a so-called educated society, is it that a powerful organization of hypocrites are allowed to peddle unsubstantiated nonsense and be supported by a government whose job it is to protect the population from con-men?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The lunatics really ARE running the asylum

Letterfrack: The 'Auschwitz' of Connemara

A hellhole operated by the Irish Catholic Church and their 'satellite' The Irish 'Free' State.

Letterfrack was an institution for Irish children who were homeless or from dysfunctional families or who were born 'on the wrong side of matrimony' or who were sent on the whim of some Local Authority Official because they didn't fit anywhere else.
It was presented as a State-run Industrial School but, in reality, was run by the Catholic Church with the state having little say.
The sorry episode of Letterfrack is yet another example of how the 'fear factor' was employed by the Vatican to the extent that, even if ordinary people knew what transpired in this miserable place, no one would have spoken out because it was the all-powerful clergy who were in charge.
I could go into a load of gory detail here but, I'll leave it to the report of the Child Abuse Commission who weren't afraid of the 'Roman Soldiers' from the Vatican.
Child Abuse Commission homepage

Saturday, December 12, 2009

How many murders has the Vatican covered up?

The author Dan Brown made a fortune from the Da Vinci Code in which he concocted tales of Vatican criminality, intrigue and murder.
It now appears that the Irish Catholic Church, the Irish Police/Gardai/Irish State and the Vatican conspired together to cover up the murder of a beautiful little 10 year old girl on a lonely country road in County Sligo in 1970. Some months after her murder her little body was discovered dumped in a Sligo bog...a long long way from the opulence of the the Vatican City. Only the investigators of Barnadette Connolly's murder would have known of this connection because, just when they were homing in on the main suspect, word came down from 'above' telling them to lay off.
The suspect priest was 'moved' to somewhere in Africa during the investigation and died - far too late- in 2001.
One can't help wondering, if it was so easy to get away with such a crime in Ireland in 1970, how many children could have been raped/murdered and dumped in the African bush by Vatican lunatics.
To progress the 'theory' further: How many children's bodies all over the world down through centuries have been similarly dumped by the 'pie in the sky salesmen' from the Vatican which sent out the message..."Keep your mouth shut and it will be sorted".
I know that there those out there who think that, just like the bible, I'm making this up as I go along to suit the occasion. Well, all I can say to those people is: Reality is a bastard but,some of us have to deal with it.
When you think of all the saints who were 'created' by the Catholic Church over centuries - many of whom were persecuted for their 'faith' - what about creating a real saint of someone who was murdered by the Catholic Church?
I'd like to see the expressions on the faces of 'frail' little cardinals when that request comes in. Of course, it never will.
Now, isn't that a lovely little story for the 'faithful' to consider as they genuflect before one of the Vatican's alters somewhere in Ireland tomorrow!
Some links:

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Vatican 'shocked' & 'dismayed'...BOLLOCKS!!!

A group of red-hatted cardinals straining to see the pope on his stupid little throne and, not a hungry child in sight.

There was a time in Ireland when the connotation Cardinal,Bishop,Pope, Priest etc commanded respect because we were so ignorant that we thought that these people were all-knowing and had all the answers. Now, those of us who have acquainted ourselves with the bigger picture know that the whole gamut has been one enormous and sustained scam that some sections of the human race perpetrate on other sections purely to sustain the 'ring leaders' in positions of power and wealth.
We now know that 'Ratzo's entourage' are nothing but a propaganda machine - one of the best in the world - who, now and again, come out of their opulent surroundings to make idiotic bulls and epistles which are swallowed without question by gullible 'parishioners' all over the world.
Prancing about in their clerical garbs at their pathetic little ceremonies they look like an up-market version of a Cinderella type Christmas pantomime.
The little men with their white little hands in the Vatican must now realize that the lid is coming off the 'great con' in Ireland because today Archbishop Giuseppe Leanza - Ratzo's spin doctor - came out to face the 'panting' media to say the Vatican was shocked and dismayed at the revelations of the Murphy Report .
For decades, anyone in Ireland with a handful of brain cells who listened to the news or read the papers KNEW what was going on in the Catholic Church with regard to their covering up of priests abusing children.
Be jasus, if I was 'shocked and dismayed', it would happen immediately. Not decades down the road.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Poor Bishop Donal Murray: He's just the head of a dirty, rotten boil

All dressed up like a 'dog's dinner' as if he knew something that the rest can't figure out...His Excellency Most Reverend Dr Giuseppe Leanza who is the Papal Ambassador in Ireland. I think that the arse is rapidly falling out of the 'Excellency' bit.

The bishop of Limerick Donal Murray has found himself the lead scapegoat in the wake of the Murphy Report into a child sex abuse 'factory' which was organized by the Catholic Church in Ireland for decades, if not centuries.
An indication of how this rotten organization still hasn't properly admitted to it's crimes is the fact that there is not a mention of the 'controversy', which is raging through every media organization in Ireland, on the Limerick diocese website .
Today, again, Murray and his accomplices asked their gullible supporters to PRAY that they would all come to the right decision.
Sure, if prayer is such a potent force, why don't we let all rapists and murderers out of jail and PRAY that everything will be hunkydory!
And, having they all been praying for the hungry children of the world for as long as I can remember. Be jasus, a child would have to eat some dose of prayer before their little stomachs would be full!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Oh! How fervently this Catholic priest must have prayed for the poor

'Father' Tadhg O'Donovan is a Catholic priest in the diocese of Cloyne - a veritable nest of child sex abuse - in County Cork who is reported to own or have 'interest' in about 13 properties in the Cork area.
What a conduit he must made between 'god' and the poorer members of his congregation while he, personally, was building up a nice little property portfolio.
Anyway, it wasn't god who caught up with him but the Revenue Commissioners who 'done' him for €433,000.
Just another Catholic Church hypocrite.