Sunday, November 29, 2009

Church goers keep the paedophiles in business

The real religion in Catholic Ireland is denial. Brainwashed with fear and feelings of inadequacy as children in our 'Catholic ethos' schools, we have been conditioned into 'not wanting to know' when confronted with the world's little realities. Therefore, it's no surprise that congregations will turn up in their thousands today to hear 'homilies' from bishops who actively covered up the physical and sexual abuse of children and teenagers in their care for decades.
Logic would dictate that instead of still supporting this 'Nazi' regime, people should be calling for them to be introduced to handcuffs.
The bishops who effectively protected paedophile rings are still running over 90% of our schools.
Our 'other great leader' Brian Cowen said that it's up to the bishops themselves as to whether they should resign. Effectively this means that it's more or less OK to protect gangs of child abusers.
We're a bright fuckin nation!

Don't forget that we exported this filth all over the world in the form of 'missionaries'. How many Catholic paedophile rings are operating worldwide right now?