Sunday, November 29, 2009

This man covered up the activities of THOUSANDS of child abusing priests

Yes, Cardinal Ratzinger, who is now Pope Benedict XVI, was the man in charge of covering up the sex abuse of children by Catholic priests for 20 years.
Apart from Ireland, it is reckoned that about 6,000 priests abused about 12,000 victims in the USA alone. This indicates an abysmally low level of intelligence on the part of the supporters of the Catholic Church in that country.
It would appear that the priority of this 'group' is to avoid hell no matter who has to suffer in the process.
I'm just an ordinary 'Joe Sixpack' who wants to enjoy my time on this planet and my biggest fear is not death but, ending up in 'heaven' and having to suffer a bunch of American evangelists or Irish Catholic Bishops forever. This scenario makes hell look attractive!
Stupidity has a price and those of us who don't suffer from it end up paying...mostly by the fact that trying to communicate with the supporters of this gobbledegook is painful to say the least.
See an example
For another perspective visit Gene Kerrigan

Catholic child sex abuse in Brazil

This is Archibishop Jose Cardoso Sobrinho of Brazil who excommunicated doctors who performed an abortion on a nine year old girl who was pregnant with twins.
He would better spend his time rooting out the 1,700 priests who have been accused of child sex abuse in that country.

Catholic child sex abuse in Canada

Another 'lovely little man'...God bless him!

This is Roman Catholic Bishop Raymond Lahey who negotiated a compensation settlement of over $15-million (Canadian)to compensate children who had been psyically and sexually abused in Catholic-run institutions in Nova Scotia.
This 'great little servant of god' is now out on $9,000 bail as he was found in possession of a laptop which contained images of child porn.
Knowing the desperation of the Catholic Church to 'keep the lid on the great con', you can bet your bottom Canadian Dollar that this little episode is not even the tip of the iceberg.

Church goers keep the paedophiles in business

The real religion in Catholic Ireland is denial. Brainwashed with fear and feelings of inadequacy as children in our 'Catholic ethos' schools, we have been conditioned into 'not wanting to know' when confronted with the world's little realities. Therefore, it's no surprise that congregations will turn up in their thousands today to hear 'homilies' from bishops who actively covered up the physical and sexual abuse of children and teenagers in their care for decades.
Logic would dictate that instead of still supporting this 'Nazi' regime, people should be calling for them to be introduced to handcuffs.
The bishops who effectively protected paedophile rings are still running over 90% of our schools.
Our 'other great leader' Brian Cowen said that it's up to the bishops themselves as to whether they should resign. Effectively this means that it's more or less OK to protect gangs of child abusers.
We're a bright fuckin nation!

Don't forget that we exported this filth all over the world in the form of 'missionaries'. How many Catholic paedophile rings are operating worldwide right now?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The cover-up of child sex abuse in Ireland

And, most importantly, the subversion of the Irish Democratic State by the Catholic Church.
Today we were treated to more revelations of child sex abuse by priests in the Irish Catholic Church. The Murphy Report targets the diocese of Dublin which is one of about 26 in the island of Ireland. The real tragedy here is that there are a couple of million 'souls' who will park their cars in the 'middle' of the road in order to go in and grovel at the next 'gig' of the sacred mass and who think that it didn't/couldn't happen in their parish.
There's no need here to go into the brutal details because, anyone with half a brain who has gone out into the real world will know what pedophilia involves and, they will also know that there is no cure for the 'condition'. Therefore it's rich to hear the 'Catholic Pimps' who facilitated the abuse of children by their need to protect their stupid church instead of protecting the most vulnerable members of society come out and tell us that some of these priests were sent for counseling. A natural instinct in even the most brutal example of humanity would be to have some semblance of compassion for children. Our little gods had NO compassion. Anything that would impinge on their ability to strut about like royalty had to be protected at all costs.
These guys, who never had to do a day's hard work in their lives and who never had to face the wrath of a wife or husband who were thoroughly sick of the other with no money and a bunch of children to be catered for, got to tell the rest of us how to live our lives.
The real question is: How many bishops who, while they were priests, abused children and who are now pontificating as if they couldn't possibly be guilty?
Were past and present popes among this 'cohort'?
The elephant in the room
For decades I dutifully went to vote and now I realize that it was a waste of time because, each time, it was a vote for the Vatican. The Vatican decided everything in Ireland. Our arsehole politicians, for as long as I can remember, answered to Rome instead of the will of the Irish people.
We now know that politicians, Gardai/Police and every other organ of our 'state' knew of the sexual abuse of our children and colluded in covering it up.
It's a dire country in which to be the unfortunate possessor of the 'makings' of a brain!
In short, it was paedophiles and their supporters who called the shots in Ireland for decades. They subverted the Irish State more than any other foreign power, including Britain, ever could.
It's way past time where these guys took their 'smoke and mirrors' and fucked off to the Vatican where they could pretend to pray for the world's destitute while living in the lap of luxury.
The next time that you stick your chest out with Irish pride remember that our 'culture' is Vatican culture. The Irish have no state that they can call their own!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another 'shock' report due out tomorrow

The Commission of Investigation into the Irish Catholic Church's child sex abuse scandal will publish it's report tomorrow.
It will show that four Irish bishops did nothing to bring the perpetrators to justice. Instead, they moved the sex abusers from one institution to another in the hope that the whole sorry mess would go away.
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