Saturday, March 7, 2009

How Ireland has been OCCUPIED by the foreign power of Rome

Why don't you gather your vestmental rags, thurables, incense, crosses and the other paraphernalia of your vile trade and FUCK OFF back to Rome?

For centuries now Ireland has been effectively ruled by the Vatican. It has been irrelevant as to whether we were colonized by the British or any other power because, we were conditioned by the Catholic Church to be subservient to Rome regardless. I'm now 60 years old and, every time I think of how the church influenced our lives over the decades and how we, as a nation, have been held back intellectually by what I now know to be a dirty rotten little system of deceit, my blood boils.
To see the hierarchy in Rome parading themselves about in the media as if they didn't have assholes like the rest of us is disgusting to say the least. We are all human and deserve to be treated as such. We are all in 'this thing' together and should be, unconditionally, supporting each other on the road to oblivion and not regarding the other person as inferior in terms of which 'compartment' they will end up in after they snuff it.
The most sinister aspect of the Catholic Church's influence is the fact that they focus on the children to propagate their evil trade.
Nowadays, we know that a large percentage of the Catholic Clergy either indulged in child abuse or were complicit in covering it up. What's the difference?
It is my view that the Catholic Church is just a 'blueprint' for the rest of the world's religions. The same system is used to frighten the shit out of the gullible. With what we now know about our world and with the availability of information, it's difficult to see how so many are prepared to accept unsubstantiated crap as factual reality.
It's way past the time, in Ireland in particular, to rid ourselves of this dirty little desease called Catholicism.