Sunday, March 15, 2009

Christina Gallagher: The house of prayer scam.

The real miracle here is that there are still so many gullible people, in the face of unprecedented methods to see the bigger picture, willing to financially support a blatant scam. This scenario reminds me of Martin Luther who rebelled against the representatives of Rome going about the countryside telling people that the more money that they invested in 'indulgences' the greater the chance of getting into heaven.
This is a virtual copy of how the American evangelists deceive their stupid followers into parting with money to make their 'pastor' rich. In fact, Christina Gallagher has set up this very model in some parts of the USA where there are 'a million pigeons waiting to be hooked on new religions'. Recent figures suggest that there are 100 million Americans who believe that the world will end soon.
If it does end soon it won't be down to god. It will be down to the stupidity of the majority who don't give a fuck about anything except getting into heaven.
Reality: What's that?
You can read about Christina Gallagher's little scam here