Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bishop John Magee: Oh, how he must have swaggered ...

Oh yes, Mr. Magee once was a big shot on in that cesspit of hypocrisy called the Vatican. He was private secretary to three popes who knew all about the abuse of the 'faithful' who were supposed to be succoured by their church...bollocks!
The Catholic Church only cared about one thing and one thing only...POWER.
Go to the Vatican and what do you see? God's little priests living in poverty because they have given everything to the poor who are now better off?
No, you won't see any of that. What you will see is the opulence attached to power...everything there is designed to impress and no one is more impressed than the 'graspers of straws' at whom the whole scam is aimed.
Emer O'Kelly in today's Sunday Independent puts in all into perspective in her piece entitled: Children must be protected from the will of a conspiring Church

An extract:
They saw and sympathised with John Magee's ravaged face. They didn't hear the children's weeping; they didn't see their blotched faces and bruised bodies. That is the sin of the Church: the soaring music can still muffle the ugly sounds of brutalised suffering. And our State still only dimly comprehends this; educated by the Church, our legislators want to believe in its essential goodness.

See the whole article here

Easter will be here soon. I can't wait to see the orgasmic pontifications of the protectors of child sex abusers on our TV screens. If I sink to my knees, it will be in frustration at the numbers who are still hooked on this crap.
Zeitgeist...educate yourself

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  1. they are hiding a priest in Castlemagner who has abused and ruined and destroyed the lives of women in North Cork, And yet they will still employ legal eagles to discredit the victims, One man has destroyed many , We have a corrupt clergy, a corrupt Government, and a lame DPP. all educated by the clergy. All afraid of the cost to repair the lives of these women., all destroyed by one man whose initials are DD