Sunday, March 8, 2009

BBC Panorama Program: Sex Crimes and the Vatican

This is film about Catholic child sex abuse in the world the Parish of Ferns in County Wexford in Ireland in particular where for decades about 100 children were abused by around 25 priests with the full knowledge of Bishop Brendan Comiskey, ALL of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church in Ireland and the rest of the Catholic world and the the pope himself.
In fact, there is a 'secret' directive - Crimen Solicitationis - produced by the Vatican instructing the clergy to immediately cover up any allegations of sex abuse and, further, to threaten the victims with excommunication if they persisted in telling their stories.
And the man in charge of 'enforcing' this instruction was none other than Joseph Ratzinger the present Pope Benedict XVI.
As far these morons are concerned, it's more important to maintain the 'respectability' of their precious church than the safety and welfare of little children.
How mentally sick can an adult human become?

Film: Sex Crimes and the Vatican