Sunday, March 15, 2009

Christina Gallagher: The house of prayer scam.

The real miracle here is that there are still so many gullible people, in the face of unprecedented methods to see the bigger picture, willing to financially support a blatant scam. This scenario reminds me of Martin Luther who rebelled against the representatives of Rome going about the countryside telling people that the more money that they invested in 'indulgences' the greater the chance of getting into heaven.
This is a virtual copy of how the American evangelists deceive their stupid followers into parting with money to make their 'pastor' rich. In fact, Christina Gallagher has set up this very model in some parts of the USA where there are 'a million pigeons waiting to be hooked on new religions'. Recent figures suggest that there are 100 million Americans who believe that the world will end soon.
If it does end soon it won't be down to god. It will be down to the stupidity of the majority who don't give a fuck about anything except getting into heaven.
Reality: What's that?
You can read about Christina Gallagher's little scam here

Bishop John Magee: Oh, how he must have swaggered ...

Oh yes, Mr. Magee once was a big shot on in that cesspit of hypocrisy called the Vatican. He was private secretary to three popes who knew all about the abuse of the 'faithful' who were supposed to be succoured by their church...bollocks!
The Catholic Church only cared about one thing and one thing only...POWER.
Go to the Vatican and what do you see? God's little priests living in poverty because they have given everything to the poor who are now better off?
No, you won't see any of that. What you will see is the opulence attached to power...everything there is designed to impress and no one is more impressed than the 'graspers of straws' at whom the whole scam is aimed.
Emer O'Kelly in today's Sunday Independent puts in all into perspective in her piece entitled: Children must be protected from the will of a conspiring Church

An extract:
They saw and sympathised with John Magee's ravaged face. They didn't hear the children's weeping; they didn't see their blotched faces and bruised bodies. That is the sin of the Church: the soaring music can still muffle the ugly sounds of brutalised suffering. And our State still only dimly comprehends this; educated by the Church, our legislators want to believe in its essential goodness.

See the whole article here

Easter will be here soon. I can't wait to see the orgasmic pontifications of the protectors of child sex abusers on our TV screens. If I sink to my knees, it will be in frustration at the numbers who are still hooked on this crap.
Zeitgeist...educate yourself

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Billy Connolly on the crap that's religion.

A little video of Billy Connolly on religion and Sarah Palin.

Monday, March 9, 2009

A Judge who knows how to treat child molesters

Two life sentences plus 20 years...THAT'S THE WAY TO DO IT! Compare this scenario to Ireland and other countries where Catholic Church child abusers are moved from parish to parish as if the whole thing was just a misdemeanor.
Even now in 2009 we have Bishop John MaGee hanging on till the bitter end in total denial of the fact that, by his unwillingness to report his pervert priests to the Gardai/Police, he was complicit in the later abuses and should be at least be in handcuffs right now.

Catholic child sex abuse in Canada

Mark McKay a Canadian talk show host made this video for TV but wasn't allowed to transmit it. The Catholic perverts would have tried their best to keep the whole thing under the rug as usual.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

BBC Panorama Program: Sex Crimes and the Vatican

This is film about Catholic child sex abuse in the world the Parish of Ferns in County Wexford in Ireland in particular where for decades about 100 children were abused by around 25 priests with the full knowledge of Bishop Brendan Comiskey, ALL of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church in Ireland and the rest of the Catholic world and the the pope himself.
In fact, there is a 'secret' directive - Crimen Solicitationis - produced by the Vatican instructing the clergy to immediately cover up any allegations of sex abuse and, further, to threaten the victims with excommunication if they persisted in telling their stories.
And the man in charge of 'enforcing' this instruction was none other than Joseph Ratzinger the present Pope Benedict XVI.
As far these morons are concerned, it's more important to maintain the 'respectability' of their precious church than the safety and welfare of little children.
How mentally sick can an adult human become?

Film: Sex Crimes and the Vatican

Is there a special parking law for Catholics?

If I drive my car up our town and park leaving half the car on the footpath/sidewalk there's a very good chance that the Traffic Warden will stick a ticket on my windscreen. But, people attending 'services' at the local Catholic Church can park willy nilly to the point where the road is almost blocked.
I just wonder if there's favouritism here for those who believe in god. Is it not part of their religion that they 'love' their neighbour and, if so, is it a case that you can drop that 'love' when praying?
Consideration for others seems to be a concept that doesn't function when praying.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

How Ireland has been OCCUPIED by the foreign power of Rome

Why don't you gather your vestmental rags, thurables, incense, crosses and the other paraphernalia of your vile trade and FUCK OFF back to Rome?

For centuries now Ireland has been effectively ruled by the Vatican. It has been irrelevant as to whether we were colonized by the British or any other power because, we were conditioned by the Catholic Church to be subservient to Rome regardless. I'm now 60 years old and, every time I think of how the church influenced our lives over the decades and how we, as a nation, have been held back intellectually by what I now know to be a dirty rotten little system of deceit, my blood boils.
To see the hierarchy in Rome parading themselves about in the media as if they didn't have assholes like the rest of us is disgusting to say the least. We are all human and deserve to be treated as such. We are all in 'this thing' together and should be, unconditionally, supporting each other on the road to oblivion and not regarding the other person as inferior in terms of which 'compartment' they will end up in after they snuff it.
The most sinister aspect of the Catholic Church's influence is the fact that they focus on the children to propagate their evil trade.
Nowadays, we know that a large percentage of the Catholic Clergy either indulged in child abuse or were complicit in covering it up. What's the difference?
It is my view that the Catholic Church is just a 'blueprint' for the rest of the world's religions. The same system is used to frighten the shit out of the gullible. With what we now know about our world and with the availability of information, it's difficult to see how so many are prepared to accept unsubstantiated crap as factual reality.
It's way past the time, in Ireland in particular, to rid ourselves of this dirty little desease called Catholicism.